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We all have them in our lives, heroes that is, and some of us are blessed to have wives also.  The word hero is used way too frivolously: sports heroes, heroic acts, even animal heroes, we certainly have high praise for a lot of heroes.

I have had only three heroes in my life. My Dad taught me a lot about family, commitment and work ethics.  My dad was also a hard working Christian man.
Jesus was and will be forever the world’s greatest Hero for saving all of us who believe and trust in Him, our Lord and Saviour.

The hero of this story is my wife, Sharon Rose.  At a quick glance she looks like most average middle –aged women except for an inner glow she exudes. Her love radiates to all those that know her.  Working with special needs children, her calming influence is felt by all students, even those not under her direct care.  Fondly remembered by graduated students, those memories can last a lifetime as someone who cared.

This inner glow that Sharon emits comes directly from God’s love. She was the daughter of a respected and humble Lutheran minister who taught her the love Jesus can bring to us all. Her knowledge of the Bible and its teachings have come to my aid on many occasions.  Sharon was like the woman I prayed for as an adolescent.
In my youth I was bullied, depressed and nearly suicidal.  I prayed with all the passion, fear and loneliness of a very desperate adolescent. I was very specific in my prayer, “Please Lord, please let someone love me unconditionally, please deliver me my soul mate and Lord, if possible can she be a blonde, Finn, Christian woman.”

God did indeed grant my request and by the time I turned eighteen, I met my unbelievable, unexpected soul mate.  When there has been turmoil, suffering and hopelessness, Sharon has always been there.  Her calming influence in desperate times, has been the rock that has kept this marriage whole.  She has given me a lot of understanding of God’s Word.  I can ask her anything and she will have an answer for me or know where to look in the scriptures for it.  It’s kind of like having your own minister on hand 24/7.  I have never, ever lost faith in 58 years, but I might have strayed if not for my wife.

I could not work anymore and to make ends meet, Sharon had to take a second full time job for a few years, never once complaining. She also helps look after our two aging mothers.
Being married to Sharon is in some ways like being married to Mary Poppins.  She is a magnet for kids and pets alike.  I will never forget a moment, a moment in time that best sums up my lovely, beautiful wife of almost 30 years.  Our big dog Katie was very ill, she was dying on the bathroom floor.  I stood by watching crying, unsure what to do.  She went in and laid down beside Katie on the floor, gently rubbing Katie’s forehead, comforting her, soothing words expressed in the last few hours of Katie’s life. This type of compassion, this type of affection is just normal for my dear wife.  I love my wife, I really love my wife.

I was so blessed to have met my wife when I was just eighteen.  To meet your other half, to meet the only person your soul can bond with at such an early age was truly a miracle.
I was the Rock and she was my Rose.  She has now become my Rock.  I go over these thoughts daily with God - surely my wife must be able to read my mind?! I am of Finnish stock and extremely proud of it.  Finnish men do not express themselves very well, except to God.  This writing is just as much for me as for her.

I praise God every day for the blessings He has bestowed on me.  A future I could not envision as a child, I only know the truth, the faith and the knowledge God would answer my prayers.  I cannot even begin to repay the love, the kindness and forgiveness God has given me.  All I can do is pray and tell people about His love for all of us.

Thank you Lord, my Saviour of saving us all.
Thank you Lord for all the love You have shown me.
Thank you God for such a beautiful, loving caring wife.
Thank you Sharon Rose for believing in me.
Thank you Sharon Rose for loving me.
I Love you Forever & a Day.

Rocks Rose/E.W. Rantala
My Wife my Hero
Dedicated to all Mothers and Mothers at Heart
by Rocks' Rose Photography/E.W. Rantala
What of life? What of death?
Can we face the fact we are going to die?
Where is the insight? We cannot last~
Only in someone else’s memory.
What happens when there is no one to remember?
Are we unheard, like the tree in the forest?
Can we please celebrate the victory~
Without the constant reminder of defeat?
We cannot because of our sin
It becomes an endless battle, an endless defeat.
You cannot celebrate victory in a sea of sin, immortality and deceit.
We can never find peace without our Lord and Saviour.
His death is misunderstood, His death is not really comprehended.
God’s Love, the Sacrifice of His Son
Who but Christ would willingly be crucified?
No one else.  He is the One!
The One you need to talk to about your death.  
I asked, I prayed for God’s help
Is this the answer?
My pain and death?
I hope and pray
Can’t stop crying, so much pain watching the world:
People suffering in the streets,  
Nations’ Leaders with their lies and deceit,
The persecution of Christ’s people,
Then escape watching my own tapes,
I truly cannot imagine the pain
If someone in them dies…
It hurts so much, my wife, my family, my old friends,
I have to stop watching
Another time ~ there was so much joy in my life
This life now in pain, yet my spirit now lives
Though I die, Alive in the Lord
Faith a gift of the Holy Spirit
The Joy of Jesus Christ
I have Victory in a world of sin and hate
I could have been so much better
If before I had eagerly sought the Lord
I am so very sorry, please forgive me!
In my defeat lies my death
In Jesus my Life and Victory

By Rocks Rose/ E.W. Rantala

The winds of change are near.  An aging warrior, under house arrest will have his shackles tightened.  No reason to fear.  No reason to run.  The Holy Spirit shadows the winds of change, unnoticed.  The influence can overcome.  All you have to do is clear your mind the best you can.  Clear all the evil you can, turn it over to Jesus, the Son, and in the silence the Holy Spirit will fill your fear, your dread, your very soul with the Light of our Father.  Jesus did not run and cower, He submitted to the Father.  After the gift of the Holy Spirit, the disciples did not cower and in their souls, they could not run away from the truth.  The Holy Spirit is Love.  Everyone can deny the truth, but no one can deny Love. Love dissipates hate, love conquers all.  The Lord loved us enough to give us the Kingdom of Heaven; us, present with Him. The Father is Love.  Pray for those that cannot comprehend Jesus is God’s Love.

By Rock’s Rose/ E.W. Rantala

Do you like wiping away tears?
I hate to
They stream down your face for a reason
The lines of your face dictate where they will go
Where they will end up
Feel their decent
Should you not feel their weight?
I do not wipe away tears in God’s presence
For the tears flow and carve out meaning
I only wipe them when someone else enters
A quick, “I’m ok”, is enough to suffice
In God’s presence I try
To let the wind slowly dry
Away the sorrow
This life has to offer
To the weak and unrighteous;
Sorrow, pain and hell
To the believers; love
A love that will not let sin over take us
Pray for those that will not believe,
Rejoice that we are the chosen ones
God choose us
All we have to do is choose Him

By Rock’s Rose/ E.W. Rantala


                My journey is over. The cycle of doctors, surgery, therapy, government and my career has come to an emotional end.  What end you wonder? My work career ended November 2012; torn tendons in both shoulders and later knowledge of torn cartilage in both knees, sever degenerated discs in neck and spine have made the last years of work very difficult since 2008.  Other afflictions; surgery on the right shoulder, being told I could never do my job again, and having constant pain in one or more body parts, added to the misery at the beginning of this year, making me doubt my worthiness as a husband and a man.

          I have worked all my life. Starting at fifteen years old; those were the days of sanding drywall all summer, breathing in asbestos cement.  From fifteen to fifty-five ½ , I was a dry wall taper (except for a year ½ working underground in a mine during the recession of the early 1980’s when there was no construction work).  My body has paid the price for the forty years of repetitive physical work.

          During last winter on some of my most depressed days, I prayed and cried and kept praying, this time, for myself.  My prayers have been mostly for people other than myself but I was at my wits end.  I had been turned down on my first application for disability. The depression of not earning any income for well over a year along with the physical problems and pains, forced me to pray for myself. I would only pray for myself under extreme conditions.  I just found it made me feel selfish.  So many people by the millions have it worse than me.  I was wrong about that.  It is ok to pray for yourself ~ yet I will still pray for the needy before my own needs.

          I prayed to God; the Father’s love, Jesus, the forgiver, and the Holy Ghosts’ guidance.  Our Lord, the Holy Trinity, does listen.  God knows how much you can bear. He knows how long you can wait. God can also end suffering very quickly.

          My Lord and Saviour has saved me yet again from the depression.  God answered my prayer and the government has recognized my disability. God and my wife have eased my soul.

          I can never thank God enough.  A billion “thank yous” could not cut it.  The only way I know how to thank God is to let Him into my soul, my very being, my manhood – to open up heart and soul.  God has always, always been my best friend.  Throughout my whole life He has been there for me and now it’s my turn to be fully open. Pray to God. Pray for yourself as well as others.  But talk to God all the time.  He is your Father as well as your best friend.

          It is difficult to relate God’s love to others.  God has gone way beyond my dreams and shown love like He only can.  I am blessed and very humbled by all the love God has shown me.  I will do my best to sing out His Name to those who will listen.  Answer to prayers do not always come fast and easy.  Sometimes the years needed for some prayers seem hard to understand.  It tests your faith, your commitment, it tests your very soul.  Prayer is always heard and answered.  Most of the time when you pray it will not be answered when you want it to but when God deems it the right time.  God knows the right time and way to resolve a situation, in the meantime, we may have to endure a little hardship to strengthen our souls and our faith in God.

          So please keep praying.  Keep the faith and never, ever give up.  Your prayer may be answered quickly or not but God is listening.  God is your friend, God will not let you down.


 By Rock's Rose/ E.W.Rantala



RocksRose's Profile Picture
Erick W. Rantala
Rocks Rose Photography Erick Walter Rantala.

I have explored Northwestern Ontario with my camera.

I has pursued both landscape and macro format,

brief moments of time shown to my lens

by the grace of God to share with you.

Current Residence: North Western Ontario
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: all the art in Renderosity & deviant art sites
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Personal Quote: God Speed


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